About me

Ann Christiansen

I have been patchworking and quilting on and off since 1997.

Around 2008 I really experienced a boost in creativity, thanks to my discovery of all the wonderful and crafty blogs around the globe. This is where I mostly find my inspiration and so many of the patterns and tutorials that I have enjoyed trying out!

This year I have taken a big jump and invested in a Bernina long-arm (a BIG! machine for quilting) and if you have any quilts you are willing to hand over to me to test out my skills, we may agree on a very reasonable price for the quilting!!

For the first many quilts I will even be willing to do it just for my fun of it.

I am a quilter/patchworker, indeed.

But most of all I am a lucky mom of a 9-year-old boy
as well as the girlfriend of his father on the 18th year. 

And besides all  that, I work full tilme as a Clinical Trial Administator in the Danish medical company Novo Nordisk, handling the practical aspectcs of running clinical trials (trying out medicines in humans) within the diabetes area.

You can also find me as @kvintaen on Instagram.

There is so much inspiration and a very supporting community among patchworkers/quilters there.

Try it out, if you have not been on Instragram before!